Tuup offers multi-modal daily traveling, including Kyyti on-demand ride service in one app.
All mobility options are included urban transit, intercity bus & train, car rental & sharing and city bikes. Kyyti taxi-pooling service is flexible, convenient and affordable.


Tuup – One shop for all rides!

  • Tuup is an intelligent application that allows you to plan a route, compare the various mobility options and pay different mobility services, easily and safely from one application.
  • Tuup displays the various options to get from point A to point B.
  • Tuup displays the arrival and departure times e.g. busses, trains and trams in Finland.
  • Tuup also allows you to see the available City Bikes in Helsinki as well as the car-sharing stations.
  • New! You can now order Kyyti via Tuup application.


Kyyti – Smart ride!

Our technology is based on the efficient use of vehicles. You can significantly affect the price by giving us more possibilities for pooling flexible Kyyti if you are able to be flexible in your travel and waiting times. You can choose the option which suits your travel needs.

Kyyti Express

Kyyti Express is a direct route with shortest driving times. You will be picked up as close to your desired time as traffic allows and taken directly where you want to go.


Kyyti is a flexible ride where you trade off a little bit of waiting and driving time for a cheaper price in order to allow the vehicle to serve also other passengers. You can still ask for earliest possible pick-up or latest possible drop-off time, and we will keep our promise.

At times, you may get a really cheap price for your Kyyti! This happens when the vehicle is already serving someone very close to you or taking a passenger on the same route and you get to ride the route at the same time.


Services easy in use

Finding, paying for and using mobility services is quick and easy. New mobility services will be integrated to the service continuously.

Coming soon:

  • Taxi services
  • Long-Distance busses and trains
  • Helsinki region public transport (HSL) tickets
  • Other urban public transport tickets
  • more Car Rentals
  • PiggyBaggy –trade carpooling