Europe’s Award-Winning Mobility-As-A-Service (MaaS) Leader TUUP & DEMANDTRANS, Inc Announce US Smart City Strategic Partnership

Chicago-based DEMANDTRANS Inc., focused on bringing greater flexibility to public transportation and cities in the US, announces Smart City Strategic Partnership with Tuup, Inc. of Helsinki, Finland. DemandTrans’ existing on-demand mobility intelligence and optimization will be fully integrated with Tuup’s advanced routing, booking and assignment platform.

Dr. Roger Teal and his team of transit technology professionals are excited to partner with Tuup, Ltd, a multiple-award winning Finnish transportation technology company founded in 2015 and led by CEO and Partner Pekka Motto.

Tuup will deploy its Mobility-as-a Service (MaaS) platform to connect various forms of transport to customers via a single, intuitive and efficient solution. MaaS sorts transport options from different providers and then handles everything from travel planning, route optimization, dispatching and payments. MaaS is an innovative approach that enhances transit efficiency, increases flexibility and reduces costs.

Via their smartphone or wireless device, travelers will have the freedom to compare various options and costs of different mobility services easily and safely from one application. As Tuup CEO Pekka Motto states, “We have the proven capability to deliver intelligent, personalized and efficient transport services to public transit agencies in Europe and are excited to introduce this technology to the US.” He continues “By partnering with Roger and his DEMANDTRANS team, we are well on our way to producing amazing results for cities, transit agencies and their valued passengers.”

Motto and Teal are in agreement that transportation agencies in the US and abroad continue to struggle in the face of shrinking budgets and the escalating costs of maintaining aging fixed route services. Mobility-as-a-Service represents a much needed shift in transportation from a fragmented system of transit, individual service providers and private car ownership to a more holistic organizing model. Teal notes this shift first began “around 2009, with the introduction of new, stand alone service offerings such as ride-sharing and e-hailing. In subsequent years, offerings such as bike-sharing, car-sharing services as well as ‘pop-up’ bus routes have increased in popularity.” He continues, “These services have advanced enough such that they can now be blended together with public transit options to deliver seamless trip chains with bookings and payment managed collectively–for all legs of the journey.” Motto sums it up by saying, “Our vision is to help all cities create efficient, cost-effective and sustainable transport systems through this technology. By succeeding, we can effectively leverage all forms of available public and private transportation capacity and create truly demand-responsive transit systems.”

Together, DEMANDTRANS and Tuup are exceptionally well positioned to lead the ongoing transformation of public transportation, bringing true Smart City Transit services to market.

For more information on how cities and individuals can benefit from flexible transit services, please click here: Mobility D-R
View Tuup’s exciting Mobility-as-a-Service platform: MaaS in action!

For over 20 years, DEMANDTRANS, Inc. has been instrumental in delivering advanced technology and software applications to solve challenging problems in the transit industry. From operations management, resource scheduling, predictive modeling, transportation logistics or Smart City Solutions, the DEMANDTRANS team works with clients in the US and abroad to design and deliver intelligent transit technology to help make platforms such as Mobility-As-A Service a reality in any city of any size.

Tuup is a Finnish mobility startup founded in 2015 in Helsinki. The Tuup team has decades of experience in sustainable and intelligent mobility, public transport operating and disrupting the market with innovative technologies. Tuup develops multimodal mobility applications which integrate various mobility services in one application, has an intelligent route planner and makes payment of different services easy and secure for the customer. An independent study named Tuup as the most promising European new mobility startup in 2016.

Revolutionary taxi-pooling service launched in Finland

Kyyti taxi-pooling service is launched in Finland on Thursday 23.3.2017. Kyyti offers taxi rides from 2 euros. Service is launched first in Oulu.

  • Kyyti (Ride in Finnish) is based on sharing the taxi with other customers.
  • Kyyti can be ordered by using Tuup Available for Android and IOS.
  • Kyyti technology is developed in Finland
  • The process from customer’s order to ride matching and fleet management is fully automated.
  • Potential modal share of all mobility is 7% for Kyyti service, Modelled by Strafica Brutus engine.

”Kyyti is a service missing from mobility market. Solution for the first mile / last mile problem.” Pekka Möttö, CEO of Tuup said. Möttö is known in Finland for previously disrupting the intercity market by introducing digital solutions and new business model to intercity travel market. Tuup is aiming to continue the transport market revolution and introduce services applicable for the global market.

Kyyti is dynamically priced. Customer can choose from three service categories and have lower price by being flexible in waiting or travel time. Service categories are

  • Express is a taxi-like service, which allows only marginal deviation from the shortest route.
  • Flex is more flexible. Customer allows more waiting or travel time.
  • Smart is most flexible. Confusingly low prices can be offered when customer allows enough time for ride matching.

Price for all service categories is always given before the order and is final. Affordable pricing is based on aggressive dynamic pricing, shared capacity and optimized use of the fleet. Great value prices are available for all passengers when everybody is willing to share the ride with others.

Kyyti is first launched in Oulu. The service will be extended to rest of Finland rapidly and the ultimate goal is the global market. Kyyti can be ordered by using Tuup application, which is available at Google Play and App Store. Other sales channels will be introduced later. Kyyti and Finnish railway operator VR are planning to test travel chains combining intercity trains and Kyyti to a flexible and affordably priced door to door service later this year.

”We believe that the key to the modern mobility market are demand responsive services. The need for these on demand services has always existed, digital tools enable us to meet this individual and flexible demand effectively. This technology will not only complement the service offering in the cities, but will especially solve the service level problems in remote areas where traditional public transport is not viable.” Möttö continues.

More information: Pekka Möttö, CEO, Tuup Oy, +358449742477,


Tuup is a Finnish mobility startup. Tuup develops multimodal mobility application, which integrates various mobility services in one application, has an intelligent route planner and makes payment of different services easy and secure for the customer. Kyyti taxi-pooling service has been developed by the Tuup team. An independent study named Tuup as the most promising European new mobility startup in 2016.


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Tuup and Vinka to launch on-demand robot bus service in Finland during 2017

Tuup together with Vinka and Sohjoa project are planning to start a demand responsive robot bus service in Finland during 2017. Tuup will provide the service to the public through its travel planning application available already now in several parts of Finland. Vinka will develop the automatic demand responsive ride sharing and fleet management intelligence and Sohjoa will provide the piloting platform.

Sohjoa project is part of the Six City Strategy (6Aika) fuelled by European Structural Fund and the six largest cities in Finland. The project tests operating automated vehicles in Finland and is coordinated by Metropolia University of applied sciences.

Piloting will take place during the spring of 2017 in Tampere and later the same year in the Helsinki region. The goal of Tuup and Vinka is to participate in creation of first commercial service shortly after the piloting.

“I see the future of transportation in efficient high volume mass transportation services fed by fleets of demand responsive robot busses” says Pekka Möttö, the CEO of Tuup. Möttö confesses that if asked only a few years ago he would have considered autonomous vehicles as science fiction, but has changed his mind since: “We already have the capability to create intelligent, personalized and efficient demand responsive transport services, we already have autonomous vehicles and we have the knowledge to connect the dots. I have no doubt that the team we have for the job would not deliver and I am extremely happy and excited to be able to take part in piloting the next generation of mobility services among the first in the world” Möttö adds.

When asked, Möttö does admit that there is still work to be done before autonomous vehicles can handle for example the harsh Finnish winter months but he sees only technological barriers and thus nothing that would not be overcome in the near future: “The speed that technology  has advanced has stunned me and I think I’m going to be pleasantly surprised also in the future. I’m glad that we could find our partners from Finland. With this team we are sure to be first where ever we go” Möttö concludes.

Peitsa Turvanen, CEO of Vinka sees that demand responsive transport services are a growing trend: “People want more services and they want more personalised services. Vinka’s talent is in creating the technology for demand responsive shared ride services and thus enabling the new ways of moving people and goods to meet the changing demand. And the best part is that we can automate it all”. Turvanen shares Möttö’s vision of the importance of autonomous busses in future transportation services. When asked about the pilot he dodges the question: “I prefer to plan for the commercial service, it sets the bar high enough from the beginning.”

”The purpose of the automated bus project was to attract Finnish companies to take that first step towards automation and to build permanent development activities and businesses in the field. We have rare opportunity enabled by legal interpretation to be part of the pioneers in making commercial operations in the big mobility disruption which automation will cause.” Project manager of SOHJOA-project Harri Santamala says. Santamala tells that this is exactly what he promised to achieve within 2 year project, but he also is surprised how fast and positively the Finnish companies and cities have reacted to the opportunity. “We will keep on supporting exactly this kind of activities through strong national co-operation” Santamala adds.


More information:

Pekka Möttö, CEO, Tuup., +358449742477

Peitsa Turvanen, CEO, Vinka., +358505445256

Harri Santamala, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences,  +35840341516

Shareit to develop mobile application for Car and Ridesharing – Piloted with Tuup in Turku Finland

PayiQ and Shareit are to develop a mobile application for Car and Ridesharing in Mobility as a Service framework which will be piloted in the city of Turku in Finland together with MaaS operator Tuup. PayiQ is the leading mobile payment solution enabler for MaaS operators now expanding into the core of the sharing economy in mobility, the sharing of private and corporate cars.

The mobile payment solution will offer, starting this autumn, a safer and more convenient way of ridesharing for travelers that have earlier been using social media to arrange a ride.

– “Our latest expansion and cooperation with ShareIt is benefiting the strengths of both companies to serve the new customer groups of sharing cars with either private or rental cars.” says the CEO and Senior Partner of PayiQ Mr. Tuomo Parjanen.

Tuup brings in the public transport operators as well as businesses and business related carsharing. Having an already up and running system in Turku Finland gives an excellent starting point to scale up this type of service and copy best practices to other cities and municipalities.

All of the services offered by Shareit are covered with new insurance products from the insurance company If, specifically designed for the sharing purposes. This tailor-made insurance is the first of its kind in Scandinavia.

– “By combining the best knowledge of insurance, payment, route planning and car and ridesharing in Finland Shareit wants to enable a better utilization of cars, offering an additional income for car owners as well as an easy accessible car for non-car owners.” says the CEO and founder of Shareit Mr. Paul Nyberg.

MaaS is a brilliant concept that will reform the way we think about car ownership and the means of travel. This said the Finnish expertise is at disposal for all players in the field. By cooperating and connecting the right partners mobility can be revolutionized for real.


For more information Oy

Paul Nyberg, CEO, Founder Oy +358 40 3100089,


Tuomo Parjanen, CEO, Senior Partner PayiQ
+358 500 528 295,

Tuup Oy

Johanna Taskinen Founder, Managing Director Tuup Oy
+358 40 757 3284,

Turku to become the forerunner in smart mobility services

Press release 8.3.2016 

Turku to become the forerunner in smart mobility services

Föli tickets will be available in April on Tuup, an app that optimises daily travelling

Tuup is a Finnish service that gives users access to all the transportation options through one mobile application. Tuup gives users information on the prices, routes and timetables of all kinds of transportation, be it public transportation, taxis, rental cars, bicycles or a combination of these. The Turku Region Traffic, also known as Föli, is the first mobility service to offer purchasing via Tuup.

Last fall at SLUSH event of 2015, the mobile ticket solution for Turku’s public transportation was chosen the best mobile service in Finland. Now the mobile ticket will be integrated into an easy-to-use route planner.

– From April Föli users can search and compare different route options, but also pay for their Föli ticket with the new Tuup app. Vice versa users of Tuup, who might for example be traveling to Turku, can find Föli’s services on Tuup, explains Sirpa Korte, the Director of Public Transportation in the Turku region.

– Ticket options will first include adults’ and childrens’ single tickets as well as the 24 hour day tickets. Test users will pilot the app during March, adds the Head of Development at the Turku Environmental Division, Jari Paasikivi.

Tuup can be downloaded for free in April on iOS and Android. Tuup lets you plan your trip and see how it compares if you go by foot, bicycle, public transportation, car or taxi anywhere in Finland. Tuup also shows the real-time departures of public transportation in the biggest Finnish cities.

Next up for Tuup: taxis

Föli is the first service that can be payed for with Tuup. Next in line is a partnership with the Finnish Taxi Owners Federation and the taxi center of southwest Finland, LSTD Oy.

– We want to see how users respond to a service like Tuup, says the CEO of the taxi center of southwest Finland, Tapani Ekuri.

– Tuup will continue to expand its service to include other public transportation services, car and bicycle rental services and parking services. For example the cars of 24Rent, which are also available in Turku, will soon be found on the Tuup app, says the CEO of Tuup, Johanna Taskinen.

– In the future it will be possible to connect Tuup with your calendar, so Tuup will be able to automatically suggest optimised routes for your day. Employers can also use Tuup for smart mobility management and promote sustainable mobility among employees, Taskinen continues.

Turku looks to the future

Tuup offers Mobility as a Service (also known as MaaS), which is an internationally growing megatrend driven by digitalisation. MaaS means that users are able to easily combine different mobility modes and services with the help of new technologies.

– Föli is a forerunner at this: they are the first in Finland to implement a mobile ticket solution with a technology that allows MaaS-operators to safely resell tickets via their own applications, Taskinen concludes.

The advanced Föli mobile ticket solution is provided by iQ Payments.

–Tuup is the first in Finland to take advantage of our new cloud based service. Our new PayiQ® service is now available for our partners both in Finland and internationally, says iQ Payments CEO, Tuomo Parjanen.

– MaaS operators such as Tuup make it possible for people to give up owning a car. This improves the efficiency in transportation systems and promotes sustainable mobility, says the Head of Strategic Programmes at Tekes, Raine Hermans.

 A winning concept

Tuup was recognised in the Mobility & Tourism -section of the Open Finland Challenge innovation competition (formerly Apps4Finland) held in January. Last year Tuup was chosen as one of the three finalists of the Finnish ClimateLaunchPad representing Finland in Amsterdam’s international final in September.


Johanna Taskinen, CEO, Tuup Ltd / 040 757 3284

Jari Paasikivi, Head of Development, Environmental Division, The City of Turku, / 040 866 3468

Tuup Ltd.

Tuup is a company of approximately 10 people founded in 2015. It operates in the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) industry. The founder of Tuup, Johanna Taskinen, is an experienced specialist in sustainable mobility and innovative mobility solutions. Tuup’s other partners and investors are experienced entrepreneurs, investors and professionals in the transportation industry. Tuup has received support from Tekes.

Föli – Turku region traffic

Turku’s Föli is a public transport service provider in the Turku city region. The city region includes Kaarina, Lieto, Naantali, Raisio, Rusko and Turku. Föli is in charge of the regional public transport, planned and procured by the Turku regional public transportation office. Transportation is carried out by contracted bus operators.