Kyyti taxi-pooling service expands to Turku and Tampere!

Kyyti taxi-pooling service starts to operate in Turku on Monday June 5th at 6am, and in Tampere on Tuesday June 6th at 10am. Pre-ordering Kyyti is possible also in Tampere starting on Monday 5th . Kyyti offers taxi rides from 2 euros. Kyyti can be ordered using Tuup mobile application. App is available for free at App Store and Google Play.

Kyyti taxi-pooling concept locates between traditional public transport and taxi. Kyyti is based on the efficient use of vehicles. Same vehicle capacity is shared between the customers, which reduces the cost per customer and makes it possible to offer affordable prices. Kyyti technology is fully automated. The whole process from customer interface to route optimization, ride sharing and driver application is automated and does not need dispatching.

Kyyti is paid when ordering and the price is final. Pre-ordering fees will not be charged. Kyyti has three service categories: taxi-like Express, cost effective Flex and super cheap Smart. In Flex and Smart categories customer gives more flexibility for pooling or waiting and gets more affordable price in return.

Kyyti was launched two months ago in Oulu.. “Tuup app has more than 15.000 users already, which is remarkable considering that Kyyti service is available only in Oulu, a city of less than 200.000 people. We’ve received great user experiences from Oulu, and are looking forward to expanding to larger cities. I am especially happy about the fact that more than half of our early stage customers have used the service more than once.” Tuup CEO Pekka Möttö said. “One of the customers said that Kyyti taxi-pooling service made his everyday life much easier. Many things couldn’t been done otherwise” Möttö continues.

At the moment Kyyti can be ordered via Tuup app.

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