Tuup Ltd. and Europe’s biggest hackathon in cooperation!

Ultrahack Sprint 2017 will be held in Helsinki from Friday 21.4. to Sunday 23.4.2017. Event is bringing together top developers worldwide and recruiting companies. The aim of the event is to bring exposed “Hackathon Culture” to Finland and thereby gain new international professionality in Finland. Approximately 50% of Ultrahack applicants are foreigners. There are 27 different countries, e.g. Italy, India, Germany, Colombia, USA and Germany.

During the weekend, number of programming professionals and students develop solutions to the challenges presented by renowned partners. During the event, ideas are refined by large number of top experts in various fields. Winners will be awarded by cash prizes and give the opportunity for agreements, with regard further development of the solutions.

Tuup is looking for developers to a growing team during the Ultrahack Sprint 2017. Join our team!

More information: please send email jaana.ylikoski@tuup.fi




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